Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lunch #2: Golden City Seafood Restaurant

ClosedGolden City Seafood Restaurant is no longer in business. It has been replaced by Red Lantern.
Golden City Seafood Restaurant Moving east on the north side of Jackson takes us next to Golden City. If you don't look carefully, Golden City and New Star (Lunch #1) look like the same restaurant. They share the same building and have the same awnings. This spot has been a couple of different Japanese restaurants in the past three of years. This stacks the odds against Golden City, but we wish it well.

Today Emmett was busy so Al and Yvonne joined me and Adam on day two of this misadventure. We had all been here before recently, so this visit was more of a formality (we must follow the rules) than an adventure.
Golden City Seafood Restaurant, Seattle
Address: 520 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104
Cuisine: Chinese: Cantonese, Chinese: Seafood
Average rating: 4 chopsticks
Lunch date: 11/7/2007 @ 12:30:00
Time taken to be seated: 0 minutes
Time to take order: 0 minutes
Time for food to arrive: 8.5 minutes
Total lengh of meal: 34 minutes
Chopstix quality: Nice plastic
Do they use MSG?: Yes
Where is the owner/chef from?: Canton
Number of tables: 25
Number of occupied tables: 5 (20%)
Number of business lunch tables: 2 (40%)
Number of "local" tables: 3 (60%)
Healthcode Score: 20
Links: Yelp!, Urbanspoon
Golden City Seafood Restaurant

Luncher: Adam

Lunch: Chicken with Black Bean Over Rice - $3.95
Fortune: Your have will be a source of happiness
Rating: 4 Chopsticks

Adam's Review

Really, the number one reason I like this place is (drum roll): I'm cheap. Reason number two: its actually really good. Its hard to believe that for $4, you can get a good-tasting and filling Chinese lunch. One of my favorite things about the lunch special is that it comes out in a Pyrex™ pie dish, which makes it easier to eat with chopsticks.
One thing you'll notice about Geary and I is that we like hot sauce. A lot. This place's hot sauce seems to compliment their food very well. It's not so hot that it's hard to eat it, but it's hot enough to let you know it's there.
Amazing prices. Great food. This place is a definite lunchtime must.

Luncher: Geary

Lunch: Seafood with Curry Over Rice - $3.95
Fortune: You have an unusual magnetic personality
Rating: 4 Chopsticks

Geary's Review

I have to admit, that this place was a bit of a surprise*. Their $3.95 lunch menu is not your typical kung pao fair. It forty or so seemingly traditional Cantonese dishes in four sections: congee, soup, noodle dishes, and rice dishesl. But, wait, that's not all...if you are more comfortable with the typical fair (Yvonne) they have a $5.95 lunch menu of standards complete with soup, fried rice. and chow mein. For those keeping score at home, this is now my favorite non-Dim Sum, Chinese lunch spot withing the DLA.

Today I had the Seafood with Curry Over Rice. It was ample and delicious. Also, since the $3.95 lunch doesn't come with soup, I ordered a cup of hot and sour on the side. The soup is nice an pungent. I also really like their hot sauce. I add a bit extra to my soup and even spiced up the curry a bit. Yum!

The one negative is that the food tends to come out of the kitchen randomly. There is typically someone who ends up waiting for their food, although today it all came out quickly. Maybe they are getting their rhythm down.

* Full disclosure: I have been to Golden City 4 previous times. It has been in my regular rotation for the last couple of months.

Luncher: Al

Lunch: Mongolian Beef - $5.95
Fortune: You will help someone in a difficult situation
Rating: 4 Chopsticks

Al's Review

Liked the chow mein, and thinks Yvonne is just being fussy

Luncher: Yvonne

Lunch: Orange Chicken - $5.95
Fortune: You have an ambitious nature and may make a name for yourself
Rating: 4 Chopsticks

Yvonne's Review

Didn't like the chow mein

Golden City Seafood Restaurant Photos

Golden City
Golden City

Al's Lunch
Al's Lunch

Adam's Lunch
Adam's Lunch

Seafood Curry with Rice
Seafood Curry with Rice

Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken

$4 Specials
$4 Specials


Sig said...

This is a really cool idea :) Good luck...

Jason Schklar said...

I'll definitely check it out. The lunch specials seem delicious (curried squid, mmmmmmmmm) and cheap.

Anonymous said...

Update 08/01/2008

Golden City Seafood no longer offers the lunch menu for late night dining....

That's okay though. Main menu is delicious and reasonably priced as well

Anonymous said...

this place is not so pleasant for me. beware of them over-charging.